friday, good

Many of my afore-experienced Good Fridays have had a rather solemn tone to them. Today, though, I looked out the window and our moody Vancouver raininess had gone. The sky had finally stopped weeping and was sharing some of its joy.

Jesus Cross

I don’t know the extent of your religious beliefs, dear reader, but I still think Good Friday is worth talking about because we’re all free from work and school today because of it (well, I kind of have a staff meeting; at least there’s free sandwiches involved!). Growing up in a Catholic school I was taught that Good Friday was a day of reflection and self-examination of the conscience. Honestly, as a kid I really hated Lent because if you were Catholic you had to give up stuff and it had this serious, morbid tone. Presently, as a minimally-practicing, more-agnostic-than-theist Christian, I’m just grateful of the momentary peace and rest this long weekend offers. And maybe that’s the point.

Whether you believe Jesus was a real earth-walking guy or a fictional character, though, I think he’s still a relatable and relevant person today. At the core, he was just someone who stood up for his beliefs and was willing to die for them. And, as interpret it, those beliefs were messages of compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness, things this world still lack despite the overwhelming amount of people professing their faith in Jesus.

So, maybe we’re just supposed to think about that today.


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