Ekphrastic Wednesday

Today’s post is inspired by Writingtutortips’ post about ekphrasis. Funny name for something simple, right? Since I suck at writing definitions, I’m just going to steal theirs (which is quite beautiful, and says it all!):

Ekphrasis is a term that generally refers to a rhetorical device that attempts to create a piece of art that relates to another piece of art in another medium. A common form of ekphrasis is a piece of writing (often a poem) which is inspired by/attempts to relate with a visual medium such as painting.

I’m not the biggest art guru, but I am a music mogul. I’ll use a piece I’ve been listening to and learning to play for a few weeks. It’s a piece by the underrated French romantic Gabriel Fauré. I’m going to post here the piano accompaniment to this mélodie. A mélodie is the French counterpart of the German Lieder or art song, which is a simple piece usually consisting of just a voice and a piano set to the words of an existing piece of poetry. I’m not sure who wrote the poetry to Claire de Lune but I feel I enjoy the piano on its own just as much.

And here is my ekphrasis:

The memory scratches and pricks on the outer membrane of my mind. Sunswept corridors on Sunday afternoons. I exit my room, I hear you, I walk. But the house is empty, only the fingers of the sun fall through our windows. I hear laughing outside. Is it the children? Or is it you? You who sat here, on this armoire, you who listened to me play and did your crossword and chuckled and said “What a classic.” Those times of classic. Those times of classicism. Now we have moved––to a period of romanticism, dancing on the notes and nuances of loneliness. I yearn. But the night falls soon.



6 thoughts on “Ekphrastic Wednesday

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  3. Hey sharkii,

    Even though I wasn’t able to listen to the piece (due to China’s dislike of YouTube), I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your ekphrasis. IT MADE ME THINK about how, everyday, we have a choice. We have the power to choose how to respond to this culture of loneliness and individualism: to accept it, function in it, or to make an effort to seek moments and time to forge connections with the people around us…

    “…dancing on the notes and nuances of loneliness” I just love this so much I could scale that wall of Chinese censorship and quote you on Facebook…. But if only i were that genius 🙂

    I’m glad I get these email updates everyday. Otherwise I’d be missing out on a lot of good stuff!

    Keep it up 🙂 Jenny


    • Wow, you’re too kind, Jenny ❤ I certainly did not think that far when writing this.
      Since this is a classical, (probably) un-controversial piece, I'm pretty sure you can find a recording on it elsewhere China-friendly?
      As for loneliness, I have a love-hate relationship with it. I'm an introvert. I need my own space to think and grow. But sitting at home alone too much can make me crazy. It's all about balance.


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