Breakfast with Friends

I haven’t forgotten that the title of this blog is Breakfast with Words so, I guess, the topic of breakfast has to tumble across here once in a while! Today’s post will be a restaurant review of sorts, and I hope it won’t be the last one. If you’d much prefer to read about a writing/literature-related post, may I direct you to Thursday’s post about the definition of poetry; it’s a little lonely in the readership arena 🙂


Coffee goodness.

Eating with company is probably one of the most primordial senses of pleasure biologically wired into us. Not much compares to the joy and comfort that comes with sharing a meal and conversation with friends. Last week, in the midst of finals season, I met up with two of my best uni friends that I made last year in first-year PoliSci. The two of them live on the opposite side of the city, 90 minutes from campus (technically, we live in totally different cities), so it’s not too often we get to meet up and update each other on our lives. And when we do, it’s usually over a cup of coffee or a pint of beer. Either beverage, the poor restaurant has to deal with our presence for hours.


Breaky quesadilla.

Our last adventure landed us in the homey Coming Home Café located in New Westminster. It’s a real cozy place decorated with rainbow flags and mismatching homestyle furniture. It also features self-serve coffee and tasty grub. On the Wednesday we went, there was only one staff member (whom I think is the owner) who took care of everything: taking our orders, cooking our orders, cleaning up after our orders, and ensuring we had a grand old time. He also had a cute little collection of salt-shakers gifted by regular patrons from all over the world on display. What rocked our caffeine-deprived student minds, though, was that first and second coffee refills were free!

I had the “Breaky Quesadilla” which satisfied my maximalist philosophy of getting the dish with the most of everything. It was a nicely-balanced amalgamation of eggs, cheese, veggies, tortilla, and salsa on the side. The portions were very decent––just enough for the appetites of my friends and I.


Breaky Sandwich.

My friends had the “Breaky Sandwich” and a “Build-Your-Own-Breakfast” combo consisting of two pancakes and hash browns. The sandwich was kind of like the quesadilla in sandwich form but stuffed with even more goodness, such as zucchini, tomato, bacon, cheese, and fluffy, creamy (poached?) eggs (my eggs were scrambled and flatter). What impressed me about the pancakes combo was that the hash browns were kinda like hash browns+. Restaurants usually just give you a platter of dry fried potato wedges, but these potatoes were loaded with what I believe were chilli and spices.


Check out the loaded hash browns!

We relaxed for a long time over coffee and delectable conversation after that. We chatted precociously about feminism and literature, but also touched on whether to do another camping trip in the summer. It was a rainy day, but a good breakfast and good company can fix even stupid things like weather. I’d like to thank the owner for letting us stay such a long time; we’ll probably return for more 🙂


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