Weekend Wrap-up: Fourth Week of May


Because I’m an incredibly original person, I’ll be gathering all the interesting Internet musings and news I’ve discovered over the week and putting them all in one post. This is my way of saying “thanks!” to awesome content-creators out there. And also my way of keeping up to date with my postings!

From Blogs I Follow

Writing News


  • Respected and renowned American poet/writer/screenwriter/renaissance woman Maya Angelou passed away earlier this week. I’ve never read her poetry, but I’ve learned she’s led one heck of life, going from fry cook/prostitute/nightclub dancer to poet/director/actress/professor & more. I mean, the lady lived enough to write 7 autobiographies!
  • Gove’s “axing” of To Kill A Mockingbird from English GCSEs in the UK have got the readersphere all abuzz and indignant. As a Canadian, I’m pretty certain that if all I got to read was Margaret Atwood and Alice Munro in high school, I’d go insane. (No offense to those authors, but c’mon…we’re talking about Mockingbird!)

My Featured Blog Post of the Week (aka CHECK OUT WHAT I DID, MA!)

  • Breakfast with News...the joys and sorrows of waking up at 6am every day and commuting 3 hours a day

One thought on “Weekend Wrap-up: Fourth Week of May

  1. Much like the pineapple, I am eager to find out the reason behind the picture of grandpa Lenin, reading the once-popular “Pravda”, or Truth – the leading Soviet-era newspaper, run by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.


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