Poetry Time! with Beethoven

Today, I thought I’d share some of my own poetry.


Beethoven in all his grumpy glory.

This poem was inspired by Ludwig van Beethoven, the famed composer of Symphony No.5, No.9, and Fur Elise. Not only was he completely deaf by his old age, Beethoven was a dramatic fellow with a chaotic mind.

During his mid-life crisis Beethoven had a mental breakdown, so his doctors advised him to take a holiday. He went to a small town in the Austrian countryside called Heiligenstadt where he wrote a manifesto to his brothers entitled “The Heilingenstadt Testament.”

In it he wrote of his desire to overcome his deafness and mental instability and fulfill his destiny as a composer. And indeed he did, for he eventually recovered and went back to composing.

Please click here to read the poem. Afterwards–if you can spare a moment!–please note down what it makes you think of in the comments below.

Image: public domain


2 thoughts on “Poetry Time! with Beethoven

  1. It reminds me of how i felt when i was at college, living in a new city that seemed alive with dreams ready to be fulfilled if i cold only reach them. Back then i would dwell on the comfortable but occasionally empty repetition of the day to day; i feel that again in the rhythm of your words. Its a surprising sort of nostalgia.

    Great poem.


    • “It’s a surprising sort of nostalgia.” That’s an unexpected–nay, “surprising”–way of putting it.
      Strange, but I was writing this poem from the perspective that this was something that would happen to me in the future, not the past. Although I’m not stranger to the feeling of creative frustration.

      Thanks for reading and extra thanks for the thoughtful comment! ‘Ppreciate it.


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