Quality or Quantity?

As any subscribers (Any subscribers…? Y’all still out there…?!) may have noticed, I’ve been disgustingly irregular about this blogging business. I’m not going to blame that on anything because you all know the classic things people blame when they’re plain butt-lazy. So there we go: I’m butt-lazy. I admit it.

But I do have a legitimate problem.


The quest for quality. (Taken from an assignment I did in first-year university).

A few of my last posts haven’t been up to par with my standards, but for the sake of material output, I’ve published them anyway. Only to realize silly and unprofessional grammar/spelling mistakes the proceeding afternoon. Which got me thinking: is it better to publish few but quality posts? Or should one keep up momentum by writing cheesy “filler” posts for the sake of a few new views by the occassional blogosphere pedestrian? Who may or may not be of the opinion that cheesy filler posts are cute and thus become a follower?

Here comes the classic debate between quality and quantity. For most things in life, I’m more of a “quality” person. As in, I’d rather have a tiny cup of fresh artesian coffee than a bottomless jug of crap coffee from London Drugs.

And honestly, I think that should apply to blogging, or writing in general. What you write, you write in stone. As I said in a previous post, writing is what makes us immortal for our words will echo forever into eternity as long as the Latin alphabet persists and .docs are readable. So, wouldn’t you want future readers to see few but awesome glimpses into your experience, rather than tomes of mundanity?


6 thoughts on “Quality or Quantity?

  1. Perfectionism used to be enough of a problem for me that if I prioritized quality over quantity, quantity would always be zero. So I started to figure that if I produced enough quantity, something of quality will arise. (I’m speaking in terms of writing here)

    Anyway if I reflect on my actual worldview I would probably be a quantity over quality person – I’d rather have bottomless shitty coffee than a tiny cup of “artisan coffee,” whatever be your definition of artisan coffee. Keep the expectations low and the enjoyment high, I’d say. Keep it simple. And you have probably already realized that I’d rather buy many lower-quality things than one high-quality thing. And I’d rather pig out than eat a little plate of perfection. Probably has something to do with the way I was raised, too.


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  3. http://thewritepractice.com/quantity-v-quality/
    Sure, quantity is essential for a public published-style platform but depending on how much fun you had writing the post it may be leading to more quality…so that’s alright.
    And I recently paid starbucks to make me a cup of their stuff, so I’d have to agree, cheap homemade coffee sucks haha. And after loads of my homemade coffee and my second artisan cup I realized what quality really was. But the first cup I just thought was bitter and gross. Perspective.
    So a large quantity of devoted practice..but I am sure you already know that and used the option as a discussion starter. 🙂


      • I’ve made artisan coffee but I’ve never worked at starbucks so I just give them the benefit of the doubt. 😉 JK, you are totally right, I insinuated that popular quality was good quality which is not true.


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