So I finally got to 100 followers!

…And I was nominated the Liebster Award by achinacat!

These two things make me wanna:


Oh wait, I already did. With photographic evidence.

So, to celebrate my milestone, I’m going to write down three blogging goals publicly to ensure my future blogging adventures are even bigger and better. Some of these goals may seem a little wimpy, but I want to be a woman of my word and actually walk the walk! So I’m keeping it simple 🙂

Goal #1: Write better content. If it’s crap, don’t post it.

I was pretty good at doing the best I could in the beginning, but during the summer I kind of slacked off and posted anything that ran across my field of vision. No more of that, though. I’m going to focus instead on quality over quantity. That doesn’t mean I’ll stop posting short posts with just a few lines or an image. Length doesn’t dictate quality!

Goal #2: Contribute to the blogosphere by making at least 5 intelligent comments on other blogs each week.

And look for more blogs in the process to follow. There’s a lot of good content out there, but I’ve learned the blogosphere is vast and the stuff you’re looking for can sometimes require digging. However, I believe in giving back and paying it forward. If 100 people decide to subscribe to my posts, it’s only fair to read the work of other hard-working and talented bloggers too.

Goal #3: Post at least once a week – a quality post!

This will be bare minimum. Hopefully I’ll post more!

Thank you, each and every one of you, for getting me to 100 followers! As I write this post there is a big, goofy, childish grin on my face! And for those of you who aren’t at the 100-mark yet, don’t despair! Followers do not a great writing reflect. Keep chugging away and keep your standards up!


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