Weekend Wrap-up: Waffles, Sexist YA Criticism, and Read Speed

Hey guys, hope you all had a wonderful week! For me, this week flew by a lot faster than the last one. I’m settling into my new job and the hours are going by faster. I also joined a gazillion school clubs and am looking forward to a whirlwind of social activities come Monday!

You’ve probably had a full week too. So sit back, prop up those aching feet, cuddle your latte, and let me share some of the reading I’ve done for this week’s weekend wrap-up.

Check out this restaurant review I did this week for my school club, Food Society. If you’re a Thunderbird, especially a hungry Thunderbird, you should DEFINITELY join our club! We’re a chill group of peeps with plenty of events and miniclubs. Go ahead: make friends in university! And we don’t discriminate. You just need a stomach!

bubble waffle piece

Find out why bubble waffles are the ultimate street food!

Ever looked at a book and wondered how much time you should budget for it? Well, some awesome genius has done the work for you! Here’s a breakdown of the world’s most beloved books and the time it takes for someone with average reading speed to finish them. Note: does not take into account the density of the novel.

Christian Mihai writes for the ideal reader. “Art requires a response. Any work of art can be synthesized as a question.” As writers we often forget that our words are meant to be read.

Find out why criticizing young adult fiction is actually sexism against young women. A well-written, erudite, but easily understandable article written by a grad student whose thesis was on the presence of tTrinitarian thought in the Harry Potter series.

#OITNB Writer Divorcing Husband, Says Show Made Her Realize She’s a Lesbian, is Dating Poussey. This has to be the craziest headline I’ve popped my eyes on in a long time! Oh, if you haven’t watched Orange Is The New Black (#OITNB)…wow, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN LIVING?! No. Like. Seriously. Best damn show this year.

Finally, a simple observation about humanity.


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