Weekend Wrap-up: The IKEA Book-Book

Whew, what a week it’s been! Kept myself quite busy this week, going out every night except Friday. Went to two social events put up by my department in hopes of meeting other third-year students in their first year of the program…only to meet a handful of fourth-years and lots of MFAs and professors. Oh well: drank beer and listened to literary readings. Smoked s’mores on the beach with the last rays of summer sun and the first drizzles of autumn Vancouver rains. Potlucked with UBC Food Society on a dinner that was 70% desserts and 50% Timbits. Ate at a fancy hipster vegan/vegetarian/local outdoor dinner with people from work (thanks for the invite, boss!). Subsequently earned the title “pie monster” by a co-worker. Developed an infatuation with Florence and the Machine during rainy afternoons at the office. Finally put down an order for a turntable.

I believe it’s important to keep busy (within reason, of course). I met a lot of strangers-now-acquaintances this week, which was slightly intimidating but that’s what life’s all about, eh? Because I didn’t Internet much this week, I only found one thing worth sharing, which is the IKEA book-book:

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