Weekend Wrap-up: Writer Potential, F-words, Ebola scares, and the One Lovely Blog Award

Hoping everyone’s weekends are going swimmingly! Vancouver is literally going swimmingly…swimming in perpetual rainwater and eternal downpour, that is.

Now for cool stuff in and around the bowels of the Net this week:

On Writing

Jess at Gideon Press divulges the dangers of being a writer with big potential. A highly insightful post about going way over the top. “[G]ifted students will mull for hours and hours and use as many big words and describing words, and the like as they possibly can and convert it into a biiiiiiiiiiiig mush of really, really boring writing.”

Meinrhyme‘s three golden tips for writing in this clever (and reassuring) little poem.

Notmylastwords talks about the F-word and how to use is wisely and well in all our creative writing endeavors.

Although Leroy Milton’s topic of focus is fitness, his 1% Rule is very applicable to us writers, I believe. If you want to accomplish a huge project in a small amount of time, you’ll probably be disappointed very soon and your project may never get finished. Instead, aim for slow and steady (ie. get better by just 1% each week).

A cool look at successful writers and the sheds they sat in as they partook in their writerly ways. Photos of places Dylan Thomas, Philip Pullman, Roald Dahl, and others wrote in.

On Everything Else

This story about an incredibly brave fifteen year-old Yazidi girl who escaped slavery by Islamic State fighters.

Is anyone else now deathly pessimistic (and terrified) of Ebola? I know I am. However, perhaps even more depressing is the politics surrounding it. This “one powerful illustration shows exactly what’s wrong with how the West talks about Ebolawhile this story of the life of an Ebola survivor shows the struggle doesn’t end after recovery.

One Lovely Blog Award


Thank you, WebbZephyr, for nominating me to receive the One Lovely Blog Award! The award has its own rules, but you can follow or read about Webb’s alternate terms here. Personally, I’d like to nominate all the bloggers I’ve already mentioned above, and add in Guisers, Far From Graded Work, Eclectic Alli, BumbleBooks, Seeds and Scribbles, and Creative Writing for Me. Congrats!

As per one of the rules of the award (list 7 things about yourself), here are 7 really boring, why-would-anyone-want-to-know things about myself:

1. My left pinky is longer than my right pinky. I like to attribute this to playing guitar, but since I didn’t start playing guitar until after I stopped growing, I highly doubt hours of devotional guitar practice (air-quotes) is the case…

2. I have an addiction. And when I don’t get my daily dose, I will succumb to debilitating migraines. What is this addiction, you ask? Well, I prefer it brewed in a dark roast with lots of cream and sugar 😉

3. I drink copious amounts of water. Consequently, I pee a lot.

4. Ringo Starr is my favourite Beatle.

5. Rubber Soul is my favourite Beatles album.

6. “Norwegian Wood” is my favourite song from Rubber Soul.

7. Yes, I am listening to Rubber Soul while writing this and decided to just list Rubber Soul facts because I’m seriously out of ideas.

Take care this week, everyone!

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4 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-up: Writer Potential, F-words, Ebola scares, and the One Lovely Blog Award

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  2. What, you’re so boring that you leave out 3 extra things to say about yourself in order to proclaim your love for rubber soul, or because rubber soul is the key to all the other secrets LOL?
    I can call you Caffeinator now?! 😉

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