10 ways you arrange your room to make yourself look interesting when you’re expecting company

Do you do weird, narcissistic things when you’re expecting people over, like organizing your room so that the person who lives in it (you) looks cooler? I know I do, and I’m sure you’re guilty of at least some of these things:

1. Arranging your bookshelf so that the “intellectual” books are the most visible.

2. Putting books everywhere, especially cool, eclectic, indie, pseudo-intellectual things like literary magazines (that you haven’t even read) so it looks like you read, like, a lot, and it’s all intellectual crap.

3. Putting up cool posters, showing your fashionable and tasteful musical alliances.

4. Putting up your own artwork, artwork you usually kick to the corner. But tonight’s the night you debut it. (Subtly, of course!)

5. Leaving your guitars in full view. Because guitars-in-the-room = cool person lives here. Duh.

6. Cameras, MacBook, tripods, cool stereo system, and all sorts of cool tech. To show you’re not just a book-reading nerd.

7. Arranging your vinyl collection so that the album you’re most proud of and know the most about is first, so people see it first, and ask you about it, and you can rant about the whole history of the album and why it’s amazing.

8. Leaving just a few select articles of clothing hanging in plain sight: your most expensive and fashionable threads.

9. Weird sculptures. Avant-garde little pieces of art. Vintage photographs. To further ram into the point that you are an interesting person who likes interesting things.

10. Pictures of your friends on the wall. So, you know, they feel loved as well. 🙂

What do you do to make your room reflect you (or a cooler version of you)?


2 thoughts on “10 ways you arrange your room to make yourself look interesting when you’re expecting company

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  2. You post speaks the truth, and I am guilty of the occasional bout of self-promoting narcissism. For example (since you were kind enough to ask ;)) have a bookshelf that is filled exclusively the books that best represent my interests…and it situated so that it is one of the first things you see when you walk in the door. I would like to think that I have it arranged solely because it makes me feel more at home in my own space and reminds me of all the worlds I like to escape to in my downtime, but I must admit that I would like my collection to appear to the best advantage in the event of company. I figure that most people are going to examine your possessions to some degree, so you would do well to present yourself through your possessions as well as you can. So I am doing my guests a kindness…by being so self-absorbed…


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