10 things I’m looking forward to in 2015

I hate New Year resolutions.

They’re so idealistic, so grand, and so vague I forget what I resolved to do by March-ish, when my birthday comes, and I have to think of a “birthday resolution.”


Happy wintry holidays from T.K.’s secret mini-sculpture studios!

So instead of making resolutions, I’m approaching the New Year from a different perspective. I’m gonna list the things that are actually going to happen, and what I want from them. I hope this approach will make 2015 look more like a navigable road of excitement rather than a vague one curling and disappearing in the mist, never to resurface again.

Things I’m looking forward to in 2015:

1. Going to England on exchange and living on my own for the first time in my life.

Technically, I haven’t submitted the application yet and it’ll be a while until I hear back, but I have a good feeling. My get-out-of-home-make-your-own-adult-adventure instinct raged stronger than ever in 2014 and it’s time I satisfy it.

2. Reading more books and watching more TV/film and discovering more hidden worlds.

Because reading more books and watching more shows and getting hooked on both like heroin is inevitable.

3. Meeting new people, in England, and when I go back to school.

When 2014 and third year rolled around I finally felt the confidence to do the whole “get involved!” in your school/community thing. All those things I thought I was too lame to do in freshman year I’m finally ready to dive in. It’s time to continue that streak.

4. Going back to school.

I love work, but I kinda miss school and the chance to meet fellow students in the university setting. Funny enough, I also miss lectures and reading 500 pages in a week. That stuff gets you high (in a way).

5. Seeing Fleetwood Mac live on April 4th with one of my best friends.

Because I missed the first Fleetwood Mac concert in Vancouver during their On with the Show tour and thought that was it, I’m never gonna see the group in all its glory with Christine McVie back in the band. Gloriously, the universe gave me a second chance!

6. Meeting said friend and another one of my best friends in Europe because we’ll all coincidentally end up there in the fall (yipee!).

How cool and awesome is that?! We’re still debating the details, but I think we’ve settled on meeting in Amsterdam.

7. Working out and getting strong.

I actually managed to put this into a sort-of habit in 2014, and I actually feel discomfort and unease when I don’t exercise (!). So I’m excited to see more results as I lift more and get stronger.

8. Snowboarding.

Because I always find ways to find perfect pow.

9. Getting totally stressed out/overthinking my life/feeling useless/feeling worthless/feeling like no one likes me because I’m a psychotic weirdo/feeling like my adult life is going nowhere/getting my ego totally deflated/maybe get rejected a few times from publishers/boys I date or whatever…

Because those are all necessary side dishes to life!

10. Writing.

Because I’ll be forced to do it when I go back to school and my Creative Writing major, which is 80% of the reason why I signed up for that program anyway.

See you in 2015.


2 thoughts on “10 things I’m looking forward to in 2015

  1. Yay!! for everything!!
    except being in an english major does not force you to write apparently. X) Although I’m sure having some judgey creative writing peers would force me to write too. X)
    I would be interested in doing one of these posts except I literally have no plans after third year, but clearly you have planned to make 2015 amazing!


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