Work and writing: does anyone feel too “blah” to write?

Or do anything productive for that matter.

See –

When I was a kid and had to do homework I was always snarky to my dad because he’d come home, complain about a hard day at work, then sit down to play computer games for the next five hours. I was jealous of him not having homework, because for me homework got in the way of my other hobbies and relaxation time.

When I started working full-time last summer, I finally started sympathizing with him. Between commuting three hours a day and chained to a desk for another eight hours, when you get home, you have practically no energy left.

Then writing feels like homework. Doing stuff you used to think you like feels like homework. Basically, anything that isn’t marathoning Friends on Netflix (THANK YOU NETFLIX CANADA FOR FINALLY HAVING FRIENDS!) is work.

This is only Year 1 of me being an adult, so maybe I’m just whiny, but you get my point.

The older you get, the more responsibilities you get. I applaud my co-workers who have to go home and deal with things like dogs and kids. And the kids’ homework. Oh, right, they have homework too! (I’m pretty sure my dad helped me with my homework as a kid as well).

I come home now and just feel blah.

Sometimes I play my guitar and sing a few songs because that stuff chills me out. Listen to some music. Read some articles. But a even a full book feels too much like a project…

I notice I haven’t learned a new song in a while; I’ve just been playing the ones I know over and over.

It’s a rut.

I’m sure there are some real adults out there who have come up with a way to surpass this – where are you, my heroes?! Please share with me your secrets.

As for now, this is just an honest post with lots of questions and complains and no answers (sorry). But at least I avoided that temptation to watch another episode of Friends, right?


4 thoughts on “Work and writing: does anyone feel too “blah” to write?

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  2. I feel you on this! I literally have a draft of a blog post that’s called “O Motivation, where art thou?” that’s been in the works since October… oddly enough, I’ve been having trouble finding the motivation to finish it haha. I agree, there’s something about working an eight hour day that’s so much more draining than it seems like it should be. I’ve started taking a notebook to work sometimes and writing during my lunch break, so I feel like I’ve accomplished something creative even before I get home from work.


    • That’s a really good idea! Although I fall into the habit of working through my lunch break (which is what people tend to do in my office). Or reading the news whilst shovelling food into my mouth.


  3. Liked.
    It might be that I’m just an introverted person but I feel like if I work too much for others they take over my headspace. For that kind of person it’s like if you take over my headspace then it’s like mess with me bitch, no one messes with my creativity=happiness. #1 thing to do might be recognizing that you are a highly creative person who thrives on creativity and just enjoying that fact. #2 is to go through your workday with the least resistance, thus making it enjoyable and conductive to post-work creativity as possible. #3 make use of your post work time ie talk to other creative people who understand this in a positive light so you gain energy from again re asserting yourself as a creative person and not allowing the creativity in you from shutting off.
    I think in general when you need to devote your life to pleasing another person, such as a boss at work, it feels wrong to spend too much time thinking about yourself (you feel like you should be thinking about how to improve your work performance etc) You’re also too focussed in the real world so taking off into the fantasy world is like a guilty pleasure. Even just from a english major POV, I feel like I need to focus on academic writing every time I think about creative writing (then again, it’s not my major so hopefully you don’t have to feel guilty when you do!) There’s literally 100X ways to lose sight of this precious creative spark in us and life will never stop throwing hurdles at us that threaten our creativity. The truly creative will turn those hurdles into exercises of creative thought. The nice thing about creativity is being able to distance ourselves from reality and learning from it from a distance. 🙂
    then again netflix seems to fuel your passion for future screen writing. I think that’s pretty good…I don’t know why you should feel like you’re wasting time with that. And playing the same songs is soothing and relaxing. You don’t have to be able to measure your progress to be making progress. The best progress is not measured in standard units. 🙂
    Just remember that when you’re a student again life will not “feel like everything is in its place again”. The stress of being a student working towards major will also likely kill your creative drive/make you watch netflix 100%. If it didn’t, there wouldn’t be so many memes about it. Life basically drives you to watch netflix 24/7 and life will never let up on that end. 🙂
    Good luck with that work…All of us will end up experiencing this at some point if we haven’t already.


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