Weekend Wrap-up: Geysers of talent, Charlie Hebdo, and more

I hope everyone has had both a productive and recreational week, polishing off your newly-renewed optimism for the new year! I started the year off right, completely missing out on exercising and eating way too much ice cream. Well, at least I got started on turning my NaNoWriMo project into a screenplay. If you want proof I’m not a complete lazy ass, here’s proof!

Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 8.40.52 PM

Turning prose into screenplay has been exciting and challenging. I have to admit – the particular way a screenplay looks makes me feel like a particularly cool brand of writer 8-| (no offense to all you wonderful prose writers, haha). But it’s not easy. There were many instances where I’ve had to scratch my head and think hmmm, how can I turn the gist of this character’s thought process into something the audience can actually see? More on screenwriting later…for now, it’s Weekend Wrap-up time!

I haven’t done one of these wrap-ups in a while, so I’ll be breaking the backlog of websites on my reading list over several weekends…please don’t mind me.

1. Get a kick out of authors criticizing each other. “No more Keats, I entreat: flay him alive; if some of you don’t I must skin him myself: there is no bearing the drivelling idiotism of the Mankin.” So said Lord Byron about John Keats. Read 34 more author-on-author hilarious (and ego-boosting…?) put-downs.

Erupting geysir

Iceland: a land of geysers erupting with literary talent? Photo by Dieter Schweizer (Obersulm, Germany) (taken by author) CC-BY-SA-3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

2. Why in Iceland, 1/10 people publish a book. Everyone loves reading and writing here, apparently, and “some even get a salary”!

3. English majors: hear, hear! Author Warren Adler militantly defends his choice to pursue a humanities degree in English. Some of us were meant to pursue our passions, even at the cost of a “pragmatic” career.

4. Giving New Years “intentions” a go instead of New Years “resolutions.” Why changing perspective on your goals just a little can help get things done.

5. What do strangers (really) think of you? I’ve always believed we judge ourselves more than other people judge us. This video (above) supports my claim. People stand in front of what they think is a mirror, describing how they feel about how they look, when little do they know strangers are on the other side of the mirror, making observations they wouldn’t expect.

6. Post-Charlie Hebdo, this writer condemns both the murderers and the xenophobic journalism of the victims. A compelling article with a catchy tl;dr: “Nobody should have been killed over those cartoons. Fuck those cartoons.”

7. Lastly, a big congratulations to my talented friend and fellow Creative Writing major Emily on her publication with Lemon Hound. Read her hilarious and adorable poem “How to fart in front of your boyfriend” – do it, do it!


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