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I realized I haven’t done a Music Monday in a while, and thought I’d spice it up with a new tradition: Pretentious Hipster Album Reviews. Which is exactly what it sounds like. Each month, I’ll pick an album society deems as diverging from the contemporary mainstream, hipster, and pretentious. The music will be…unconventional, the type of thing 21st-century 20-somethings drinking out of mason jars flock to while their peers roll their eyes.

I’ll listen to said great pretentious album, be shamelessly pretentious about it (don’t say I didn’t warn you!), and see if the album is really “all that.”

If you’ve read this far and have no idea what I’m talking about. If you’re rolling your eyes already (fair enough if you are), do some background contextual reading on 21st century hipsterism. (UPDATE: in a reply to a commenter below, I suggest hipsters as people who like things they deem “better,” “classier,” and “deeper” than the mainstream; my role would be discovering said great things and seeing for myself whether or not they really are better/classier/deeper).

I’m hoping this will be fun and humorous. And, as someone who will honestly own up to liking certain aspects of the pretentious hipster musical world (sue me), I hope this will make everyone, including myself, discover cool new music.


4 thoughts on “Writing reviews

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    I’m really interested to hear what “hipster” music is. I have various friends who push their “hipster” music on me-they all share an indie rock band sound with minimal instrumental and sleepy voices, which is parodied by buzzfeed in a video that makes making a indie rock song sound really easy. From what I’ve heard you like more established stuff (?)
    I used to think being a hipster meant being rebellious against social norms but in a refined artistic way; nowadays my understanding is to have a matching aesthetic with other hipsters, an aesthetic that is individual and sophisticated rather than sexual. (Of course, hipster glasses are very sexual) GEEK shirts need not apply. Correct me if I’m wrong.
    The Fault in our stars taught me what pretentious meant. Pretentious is just what other people think. For as long as I remember I was seen as a nerd and I didn’t even know what the word pretentious meant. Sue me. 🙂 Passionate+niche=pretentious. Pretentious people make this world such a good place.
    like I said, I can only retroactively see myself as a pretentious jerk but if I had seen it earlier I’d be a much dumber person and, b) writing long replies probably makes me very pretentious. 😦 But reading is always followed by writing,right??
    This is after I attended my first creative writing class that’s in small form, listened to others’ stories, and left thinking “there’s one common thing about people who think they can write, and that’s that they’re all SO INCREDIBLY PRETENTIOUS”. Not being able to see people’s interior motives for writing their heartfelt pieces can make me think that! 😉


    • The way I see it, people don’t like hipsters because hipsters like to claim that the stuff they like is “better,” “classier,” and “deeper.” I will listen to such things to see for myself whether or not they *are* better/classier/deeper.


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