Weekend Wrap-up: write short stories, don’t be a book snob, and more


Had a “Hipster Creativity Day Off” retreat on Saturday and…yes! Wrote in a cafe! I actually rarely do this and I felt more like a method actor anything but the coffee tasted nice at least. Plus they were playing non-stop Led Zep which is always a plus.

Hoping everyone has had a pleasant week! I’ve realized I haven’t done a Weekend Wrap-up in a while, so I hurriedly dug stuff out of the Internet on a Friday lunch break…and it’s actually some of the most interesting links I’ve found. Huh.

Here are my findings for the week.

On writing

  • A tongue-in-cheek little fiction piece on the absurdity of BEING POSITIVE! 😀 (I find it funny I got linked to this on International Happiness Day.)
  • I Have A Tote Bag About How Much I Love Books. Because “food co-ops,” “public radio,” and “theater repertory companies” aren’t good enough. Another gem from the McSweeney’s machine. (And yes, it’s satire).
  • What does it mean to write what you know? No, it doesn’t mean fighter pilots can only write about fighter piloting and you – dear imaginative but liver-of-a-not-as-epic-world writer – can’t. “Writing what you know on the inside is another story,” says Pam.
  • Face it, we all hate short stories. And I was adamant on only writing them for the sake of passing a class, with grimace in my teeth, before reading this article (and the Bradbury quote it opens with). It brings up some very strong points. Maybe it is worth getting off your ass to write a short story, as painful as the little devils are.

On other stuff that happens on Earth


One thought on “Weekend Wrap-up: write short stories, don’t be a book snob, and more

  1. 1. LOL. Relatable.
    2. Satire still reveals the actual beliefs and biases of the author; good thing you pointed it out it was satire.
    3. 10/10 touche. I felt kind of bad when people commented “you really captured the voice of someone with a mental disability”, thinking that it was because “I had to be one to write about one”, but it’s more like I know what I care about. This article put it into words. We have to intimately care to write anything.
    4. Reading short stories is fun though! There is never a dying audience for short stories, so the writers had better keep on writing them.
    5. I have no idea what the article was trying to say but i agree with the title
    6. 10/10 People forget you don’t use most or all of the facts you learn in school; the unmeasured skills learned through music are immeasurable. The ability it takes to learn/hone that craft is not a linear line; well, I guess nothing is. If you’re a music major, it never seems to me like you have a choice to pursue it or not; you just have to because you don’t have any fiercer passions.
    7. Ouch, one of my best friends is high functioning (insert disability here) and I hope she doesn’t go through that stuff! I forget that different people have different problems and that they measure their life with a different stick. other people’s lives seem awesome-because i measure their lives with my stick.


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