Images of Portland

Haven’t posted for a week. Am I dead? Nope. I was in Portland, on a well-deserved holiday after a year of working co-op jobs non-stop.

We went by train. I super-recommend it. The Amtrak goes along the Washington coast and will definitely convince anyone that the Pacific Northwest is the most beautiful place on Earth.


My travel buddy @coffeeonthewestcoast (she’s got a sick Instagram, go look at it! Now!) and I stayed at an Airbnb character home with furry and adorable bedfellows—one of which really didn’t want us to leave.

Yes, we had our fair share of gourmet coffee, brunchtime rituals, and hipster haunts. And, of course, Powells, a bookstore so large it covers an entire block and you need a map to find your way around.

Food was definitely a highlight.

Being finally of the American draconian drinking age of 21, we enjoyed Moscow Mules tucked away in a hidden bar set into a former Masonic lodge.


Portland wasn’t complete without posing with my childhood hero Ramona Quimby at the Beverly Cleary Sculpture Garden in Grant Park, just a few blocks from Klickitat Street where the Quimby gang hung out in those beloved books.

Please do.


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