The Evolution of Friendship

Because I am an awful blogger with no new ideas today, here is a fantastic post by one of my most loyal friends 🙂

Eat my Nightmarket

We’ve all had acquaintances at some point in our life. Sometimes, those Acquaintances will gather enough experience points and level up step by step to Friends. But remember, your acquaintance will only level up if you take the time and energy to train them.

Once in a while, you’ll find a particularly rare species, one that you click with right away. You meet and the chemistry is just instantly there.

At that moment, that little pocket in the whole of space and time, you are absolutely, 100%, utterly convinced that you’ll be friends till the end, homies for life, till death do us part comrades.

Except that isn’t always the case.

People change and people grow apart. It won’t be your fault or their fault or anyone’s fault. From elementary through high school through university, everything and everyone around us is constantly shifting and evolving in ways that none of…

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