Celebrating Pride! And debunking myths

Rainbow flag and blue skies.jpg

Finally, the United States has crawled out of the Dark Ages and legalized gay marriage in all 50 states. Hooray! To celebrate this victory of love, I’ve decided to write a post debunking all sorts of gay marriage myths in five sentences or less.

Myth #1: Being gay is a choice.

Oh really now. Why would anyone intentionally choose to be a minority that’s constantly bullied and ridiculed? Gay people don’t choose to be gay any more than straight people choose to be straight. How a straight person ended up straight is how a gay person ended up gay, simple as that.

Besides, even if it was a choice, why is it the business of the government?

Myth #2: Homosexuality is unnatural.

More and more science is supporting the notion that homosexuality is a part of nature that occurs naturally in many, many species and even has evolutionary effects that benefit the reproduction of a species.

Myth #3: Raising children in a gay relationship will mess up the children.

Straight couples with marital problems can mess up children. Straight couples in abusive relationships can mess up children. There are 101 ways to mess up children, but I’m pretty sure a loving, harmonious relationship that may not be heterosexual is not one of them.

Myth #4: Legalizing gay marriage will lead to a “slippery slope” or legalizing polygamy, incest, etc.

There’s an enormous difference between legalizing a marriage between two consenting adults and legalizing a marriage between an adult in a position of power and a child. Legalizing gay marriages is not a “slippery slope.”

Myth #5: The Bible is against gay marriage.

When reading the Bible, context is everything. The homosexual acts the Bible deplores are in a lustful, loveless, rapey context. That scene in Sodom and Gomorra of men having sex with men is a gang rape scene. These verses aren’t exactly applicable to mature and genuinely loving relationships between two persons.

Even if the Bible outlaws homosexual acts, there are other things the Bible outlaws that for some reason modern Christianity has since ignored, such as women wearing pants.

Myth #6: Gay marriage should be illegal just because it’s wrong (it offends my religion, etc.)

In a state where there is separation between church and state, no individual religion should take moral superiority over the state’s laws, nor should that state enact laws based on religion. Doing so violates the very nature of a separation between church and state.

Myth #7: I oppose gay marriage, so I guess I’ll have to move to Canada.

This is my favourite one! Are you people so ignorant to not know that Canada has legalized same-sex marriage nationwide since 2005 and is one of the most supportive countries of LGBT rights in the world?

At the end of the day, I think gay rights have nothing to do with a state’s “morality” and everything to do with human rights. Straight people have the right to marry, why can’t gay people? It’s not like gay marriages will hurt anyone. Two strangers getting married isn’t going to bring gangs and thugs into your neighbourhood and wreak havoc. (Unless homophobes are the ones inciting violence and wreaking havoc).

It’s as simple as that. If you oppose gay marriages, you’re not forced to attend one. Do your thing, let other people do their thing and for the love of God don’t judge them just because you’re not into the same thing.

So, congratulations to my neighbours in the south, and may we all move forward into a society where everyone is accepted for who they are.

Image: “Rainbow flag and blue skies” by Ludovic Bertron from New York City, Usa – https://www.flickr.com/photos/23912576@N05/2942525739. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.


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