**Coming attractions**

Hey-ho! I’m sitting in a corner cafe on Cambie and W Hastings in Vancouver. Marc Emery, or the “Prince of Pot,” just walked by. Currently, I’m looking at post-production grants and sneaking in this blog post between bits of peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies 😉

So, on account of putting way too much stuff on my summertime plate, I haven’t exactly been posting regularly lately. But! There’s going to be awesome content coming up!

Among other things, I’ll talk about:

  • My new gig helping out and being mentored by an independent production company. Including adventures on set and meeting writerly types and actors!
  • Why you become a magnet for unexpected but interesting social interaction if you wear a band T-shirt in public
  • Thoughts on the place I’ll be living in September to December—England!

So don’t worry, your subscription to this little blog is not for naught!


One thought on “**Coming attractions**

  1. Yay!!
    I will hunt you down with a stick if you don’t update regularly while in England. 😉
    I do not own a band t shirt, but if I did it would be tempting to wear it to meet people who liked the same music, but I’m too shy.
    Enjoy sailing to new experiences in your internSHIP 🙂


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