What is BWW?

About the Blogger

I live on unceded Musqueam territory on the beautiful Pacific Northwest, otherwise known as Vancouver, Canada. I’m finishing a double major English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of British Columbia. This means I read stories for homework and hand in assignments that contain swear words. It’s pretty awesome.

About This Blog

I try to write about things people can relate to. I can’t promise all these posts will be swashbuckling fantastic, but I really believe one must write a ton a crap before producing an ounce of gold. I’m a late bloomer, so lots of posts are just about growing up and experiencing all the ridiculousness that comes with it. Meaning of life. You know. Easy peasy stuff like that. My two main topics of focus are writing and music though.

If you like a post, or have a thought to contribute, please leave a comment! I love conversations about ideas. You are welcome to share and repost content from my blog, but please credit me by linking it back to breakfastwithwords.wordpress.com Thanks 🙂

Note: all images used on this blog are original, public domain, or licensed. Licenses are linked and listed.

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