A selection of my writing.

Fiction, and Poetry

“Smoking with Chu.” Looseleaf Magazine (forthcoming May 2018). [print

“Pink Ladies.” Plenitude Magazine (2017). [web]

“The Elements of Music, or, What I Learned From My Piano Lessons.” Ricepaper. [web] Reproduced in print in Currents: A Ricepaper Anthology in September 2017.

“Ladybug Girls.” The Garden Statuary 4.1 (2014). [print]

“Musing #4.” GOLD 1.1 (2012) [print].

Articles and Reviews

“Review: The Nether (play review).” SADMag (January 2017). [web]

“JPNSGRLS: Divorce (album review).” Discorder (September 2016). [print]

“RLA: Next Music from Tokyo Vol. 8 (live concert review).” Discorder (July 2016). [web]

“Hits and Misses: Running a Record Store is a Hit and Miss.” Discorder (May 2016). [print]

“Talking Military Women, PTSD, and Making a Play with the Ladies of Ithaka.” HerCampus (April 2016). [web]

“Spartacus Books.” Discorder (March 2016). [print]

“Interview with Nancy Lee: Words in Motion.” HerCampus (March 2016). [web]

“The Coastal First Nations Dance Festival: A Chat with Margaret Grenier, Artistic Director.” HerCampus (February 2016). [web]

“Rooms: It Takes A Lot to Show Up (album review).” Discorder (February 2016). [print]

“Studying Abroad is Not About Finding Yourself.” HerCampus (January 2016). [web]

“Braids: Deep in the Iris (album review).” Discorder (June 2015). [print]

“Sacha McKenna: Poor Boy (album review).” Discorder (May 2015). [print]

“Exam tips and pep talks: 7 greatest hits.” UBCfyi (April 2015). [web]

“7 ways an introvert like you can make friends and get involved at UBC.” UBCfyi (January 2015). [web]