Motherfuckitude, speed reading, and writing top 10s

Happy Sunday, world! It’s been 10 days since I last spoke with you. Absolutely scandalous. In these last two weeks I’ve been busy wrapping up my projects at work because my co-op term is ending—also working on my own final project for the semester. Busy, busy, busy, with scraps of socializing here and there and racing to finish library books by the due date. You know how thrilling life can be.

So today I’ll just do a simple Weekend Wrap-up. Have a lovely Sunday! The weather’s getting warmer and the skies are getting drier, so go out there and kick a goddamn ball. Or just read a book.

I’ll have a real, original post coming up this week on Sucking Less And Winning More. It’s, y’know, unconventional life advice and shit.

Lists of writing things

  1. Top 10 quotes on first drafts. “I hate first drafts, and it never gets easier. People always wonder what kind of superhero power they’d like to have. I want the ability for someone to just open up my brain and take out the entire first draft and lay it down in front of me, so I can just focus on the second, third and fourth drafts.” —Judy Blume
  2. 6 John Green quotes in nice pretty gifs. Because we all need a pick-me-up from good ol’ Mr. Green on a Sunday afternoon.
  3. 11 writing tips to remind us that, for example, “[p]ublication is not the only definition of success. Count the small victories, too: solving a difficult plot, writing daily for a month, completing your first novel, entering that contest.”

List of literature things

  1. Why copyright extremism will kill creativity as we know it. Something I’d like the music, TV, film, and publishing industry to read.
  2. Modern literature’s greatest anti-heroes and unreliable narrators. We all love the bad boys and the badass bitches.
  3. Writing advice: The Art of Motherfuckitude. Title says all.

Because it’s exam season

  1. How to speed read, and
  2. Why you shouldn’t speed read literature. Sorry English students.